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Teacher Carrina 

What folks are saying..."Carrina was the very first non family member I felt comfortable with taking care of my daughter. It says A LOT about Carrina that I trusted her enough to do so as an anxious first time mom. I knew my daughter would be not only safe and lovingly cared for but that she would have wonderful new experiences and learn so much under Carrina’s care. Carrina is always full of energy - singing, dancing, laughing and generally bringing the fun to any occasion. And she knows kids and how they think."- Portland Parent 

"My children and I love Carrina and her family! She is warm, caring, fun and colorful. Her background in education compliments her creative personality. She really has a passion for the little ones! Your children will feel safe and are in good hands with Carrina!" - Local Parent 

Carrina Schindler is a highly qualified and experienced educator and child care provider. She will be the lead teacher and director of The Wild Fig Workshop. She received her Masters Degree in Education and an active Teaching Credential from UCSC. Additionally, she has experience and training as a reading specialist. She has over 20 years of childcare and educator experience ranging from infant care to middle school. Her passion lies in teaching our youngest learners. Her natural enthusiasm, energy and curiosity make her an ideal teacher for the preschool age range. Co-workers and parents have described her as " kind,friendly and a natural teacher." She brings music and literacy effortlessly into each part of the day. When she is not in the classroom she loves to spend time exploring with her two wonderful children and partner. Her love of hiking and nature make Portland a perfect home base. Her abilities as a professional photographer will also be used in the classroom. Wild Fig families will be offered back to school portrait sessions.

Teacher Carrina : Teacher Carrina
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