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Our School (schedule/space) 

Daily Rhythm
8:30-8:45 Drop off
8:45-9:00 welcoming students hand washing COVID protocol
9:00-10:30 outdoor/outdoor classroom play- nature studies, optional projects, gross motor focus , all outdoor areas available
10:30- 11:00 wash hands, restroom, healthy snack provided by school
11:00-11:30 community circle- songs,stories,games,read alouds (focused on current curriculum study)
11:30-12:15 Indoor play time - both structured and unstructured materials and activities available
12:15-12:45 handwashing/restrooms, healthy lunch provided by school
12:45-1:30 outdoor play -Teacher Andy lessons on certain days
1:15-1:30 pick up and good bye's. 

Our Space 
Our school is made up of indoor and outdoor play spaces that support our students growing,playing and learning. We spend the majority of our day outside regardless of the weather. We have a large covered outdoor space where much of our gross motor and messy art projects take place. We have a variety of sensory bins that rotate. We have our tools lessons and deconstruction/building projects held in our outdoor classroom with Teacher Andy. We will plant and harvest in our garden area as part of our seasonal units. We have an apple and fig tree that are beautiful places to play, as well as delicious additions to our nature studies. Our pet chickens will be happy to have us visit them and support our life cycle studies. We have a variety of mostly upcycled toys available to support imagination play as well as fuel scientific thinking with open ended building and problem solving. Art is integrated into our daily rhythm as well and art supplies are on hand and available for student use . Our indoor space is spacious and set up to support students safely exploring through play during our indoor playtime. Students can choose from more structured puzzles and games, to creative dramatic play with costumes.

Our School : Our School (space/schedule)
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