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Our Philosophy  

At The Wild Fig we use a combination of teaching approaches that creates an environment that supports each student during their time with us. From Montessori we integrate the hands on and child directed elements of our program. We encourage students to "help themselves" and to enjoy the pride that comes from new abilities they will develop. From Waldorf we include the deep connection to nature, the seasons and storytelling.Since we will spend the majority of each day outside this is imbedded in our daily rhythm. From the Inquiry Approach we encourage the students natural curiosity and build in time to explore more deeply the topics that spark excitement and wonder within them. Teacher Carrina focuses deeply on making sure each student is developing socially and emotionally during these foundational years. She also brings her training as a reading specialist with a book for every occasion. The school focuses on building a problem solving tool kit for when children have conflict and understand it as a natural part of the learning process. Positive reinforcement and natural consequences help students develop healthy and age appropriate skills.

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